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The quick action roller shutter Novo Speed Alu combines the advantages of an aluminium roller shutter with those of a PVC roller door. As a fullyfunctioning external shutter with corresponding resistance to weather and wind forces, with break in protection and good heat insulation, it opens at a speed that is normally only achieved by PVC roller doors.

Which advantages offers the 'Novo Speed Alu'

  • High room and cost saving, since only one gate is needed.
  • Solid and self-supporting vertical side guides.
  • Smooth and rapid shutter movement using frequency modulation techniques
  • Hızlı açma ve kapama sayesinde asgari enerji ve ısı kaybı
  • Minimum of energy and heat loss by fast opening and closing. Strong and maintenance-free tension springs integrated laterally in the shutter frame.
  • Easy removal and replacement of individual roller shutter slats
  • High resistance against wind according to DIN.
  • Very safe operation with integrated photo cell and contact strip.
  • Delivery in all RAL colors possible.
  • Installation of viewing or ventilation slats possible
  • Construction of the shutter

    Those simple mountable vertical side guides consist of galvanized steel sheet and are painted to order (for the food sector also available in stainless high-grade steel). The drive is provided by a drive motor that is connected directly to the winding shaft. Tension springs integrated laterally in the vertical side guides, support the drive motor and provide for the equilibration of the door at the same time.

    Shutter curtain

    Extruded aluminium slats, left and right fitted with sliding pieces. Between the individual slats a specially designed rubber profile is inserted for sound absorbing purposes. The additionally integrated side tension springs keep the shutter slats under tension in the guide rails. In this way the normally loud operational noises are reduced significantly.


    The control with frequency converter permits a smooth and rapid start of the shutter as well as a smooth run-in to the end position. According to the requirements on the shutter the frequency converter permits the opening and closing speeds to be programmed.
    Control can be easily extended (e.g. for locks and traffic light control or for connection to installations and controls provided by the customer on site). Operational or error messages are displayed on a plain text unit on the control box.

    Manuel Use

    In the event of a power cut the shutter can be open ed with an emergency release handle. As required: Emergency unlocking is by internal Bowden cable.

    Safety in accordance with EN 13241-1

  • Electrical closing edge safety
  • Stationary safety photo cell
  • Changed local conditions or special customer's requests can require additionally to statutory regulations further safety devices.
  • Light curtain units, induction loops, radar motion detectors, height adjustable light beams, operating or traffic light controls as well as other safety elements can be connected without difficulty.


  • Emergency unlocking by internal bowden cable
  • Light curtain units
  • Drive and shaft cladding
  • RAL colour slats and side guide rails
  • Other protective devices
  • Operation e.g. by means of pushbuttons, pull switches, light beams, motion detectors
  • Induction loops or radio remote control, etc.
  • Intermediate stop
  • Air lock control in combination with second shutter
  • Connection to a traffic light unit
  • Advantages

  • Your investment will soon pay off
  • Rapid door opening saves time and reduces the energy costs for heating or cooling
  • If the workplaces in the shutter range are protected against draft, your coworkers become rarely ill what prevents the loss of manpower.
  • The operating costs of the shutter are minimal because of its low power consumption at the motor thanks to its drive elements and tension spring support.
  • Technical Data  
    Width 1.500 mm - 8.000 mm
    Height 2.000 mm - 8.000 mm
    Required room drive end min. 400 mm (with cover)
    Required room not drive end min. 250 mm
    Camber height min. 650 - 900mm (with cover)
    Opening speed 2 m/sn
    Closing speed 0,7 m/sn
    Supply connection (until 5.000 x 5.000 mm) 230V / 50Hz / 8A / 1,1 kW
    Supply connection (until 8.000 x 8.000 mm) 400V / 50 Hz / 1A / 2,2 kW
    Drive voltage 24 Volt
    Protection class IP 54
    Guide rails galvanized

    Novo Speed Alu

    Novoferm Speed Roller Shutter

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