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Prisma 45 sectional doors with its large glassed area, developed for buildings where seing and being seen is what matters (eg. a Showroom, Plaza, etc.), provide light-flooded buildings and workshops.
The profiling of the Prisma panel also lends a characteristic style to the building’s appearance. The prisma doors are alternatively available simply or double glassed in acrylic to your requirements.


  • Finger pinch protection
  • Extremely sturdy frame structure
  • High-quality hardware
  • Large window surface area
  • Available in virtually all RAL colours
  • Aluminium coated springs and galvanised shaft
  • Operation by means of pull-cord or hand chain drive, or electrically-powered
  • Optimum security
  • Prisma 45

    Finger pinch protection on door interior and exterior. Bottom section is a Thermo 45 panel, 500 or 625 mm in height. Exterior has horizontal profiles every 125 mm; interior is smooth. Steel exterior plates are hot-dip galvanised with a base coat finish. The other sections consist of aluminium tube profiles with glazing. The top section is sized to fit. The sections can also be equally proportioned upon request.

    Prisma 45 panel fillings (+ options)

  • Double, acrylic glazing, 2 x 2.5 mm thick (total thickness 16 mm); transparent, coloured or structured, as desired. Alternative glazing / fillings also available
  • Polycarbonate, single or double (anti-burglary)
  • Expanded metal made from stainless steel
  • Perforated aluminium plate
  • Polyurethane aluminium stucco sandwich panel.
  • Wicket doors

    On application areas with high pedestrian traffic the sectional doors can be equipped with an integrated or adjacent wicket door.

    Construction and mounting

    The vertical track and the fastener are made from galvanised steel plate. In accordance with the latest safety standards, the profiles are designed to minimise the risk of fingers getting pinched between moving parts. The horizontal guide track is extremely sturdy. The door hangs on steel cables that are wound on drums when it is opened. The weight of the door is balanced by means of springs mounted above the door.

    Door hardware and track systems

    You can chose the best alternative of available track systems for your needs

  • DY Low headroom
  • SY Standard lift
  • YY High lift
  • YY-YÖ S-Package, High lift
  • GY Vertical lift
  • GY-YÖ S-Package, Vertical lift
  • Locking

    A shoot bolt is a standard feature on manually-operated doors. An outside lock with profile cylinder is optional, as is locking for electrically-operated doors.

    Colours and finishing

    The framework and perforated plating are anodised in accordance with E6/EV1 or spray-coated in RAL 9002. Other RAL colours are optional. Torsion springs are aluminium coated. All steel parts are galvanised.

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    Options and accessories

  • Handle
  • Fixed top panel
  • Ventilation screens
  • Integrated wicket door
  • Wicket door in wall next to sectional door, same appearance as sectional door.
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Various operating elements and electrically-powered controls
  • All types of safety systems
  • Assembly

    In principle, the sectional door is mounted behind the opening on a sturdy brick, steel or concrete base.
    At the time of assembly, the floor must be completely flat, finished and load-bearing.

    Prisma 45

    More light, more vision

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